Timeout is a policy that interrupts execution of an effect when it does not complete in time. It is a simple wrapper around ZIO#timeout for easy composition with the other policies.

Effects of type ZIO[R, E, A] wrapped with a Timeout will get a TimeoutError[E] as error type. This has two subtypes:

  • WrappedError[E] for non-timeout errors
  • CallTimedOut for timeout errors.

Usage example

import zio._
import nl.vroste.rezilience._
import nl.vroste.rezilience.Timeout.TimeoutError

val myEffect: ZIO[Clock, Exception, Unit] = ZIO.sleep(20.seconds)

val timeout: ZIO[Scope, Nothing, Timeout] = Timeout.make(10.seconds)

val result: ZIO[Clock, TimeoutError[Exception], Unit] = ZIO.scoped {
    timeout.flatMap { policy => 

// result will be a ZIO failure with value `CallTimedOut`